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Tarryn Klotnick Therapy

I am a couples and systemic therapist with extensive experience in working with individuals, couples and families regarding their personal and professional relationships. My approach is dynamic, therapeutic, and always sensitive to fostering a safe space where you feel listened to. The centre of my focus will always be you, and what you hope we can achieve together


I use grounding techniques to help you to manage acute distress, create opportunities to think about your relationship dilemmas and learn how to manage your relationships long-term. 


I support couples with a range of topics including relationship difficulties, dealing with infidelity, and how to navigate the choppy waters of separation, particularly when children are involved. 


Life isn't simple. Complexities leak into our everyday lives and our closest relationships; they can overwhelm us or leave us feeling lost. My interest lies in helping you cope with these difficulties, and to steer you through the confusion and uncertainty back to dry land.


I really look forward to meeting you.

Meet Tarryn Klotnick Therapy

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My interest is in working with the complexities that leak into our everyday lives and our closest relationships.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet with you and consider the way I can be most helpful to you, your partners and your family.

Tarryn Klotnick Therapy

Tarryn’s sessions have been a lifeline for our family. She has helped us to communicate and listen to each other more successfully and has helped us to reflect on our different relationships and family dynamics. Her strategies are simple and effective and show deep empathy and insightfulness. We are very lucky to have her support as a psychotherapist. 

- Mother of three teenagers -

Tarryn revived us and our marriage by giving us tools to breakdown our past behaviors to build back up a partnership of love and trust. I am so grateful we found her because our marriage would not have survived without.




- Couples therapy client  -

Therapy with Tarryn was a safe and comfortable space for us. It was not always easy but it was important work for us. Tarryn translated what was bothering us into positive change and the opportunity to listen without immediately reacting in anger. I am so glad Tarryn was our therapist!

- Couples therapy client -

Free Consultation

A free 15-minute initial discussion to explore your concerns and whether therapy together is a good fit for you

Tarryn Klotnick Therapy Free Consultation

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy helps you find healthy ways to communicate and navigate difficult situations with one another and find possibilities for repair

Tarryn Klotnick Therapy Couples Therapy

Family Therapy

When any one person in a family is experiencing difficulty or distress, this usually has an impact on everyone in the family, even if the impact is varied in how it affects each person

Tarryn Klotnick Therapy Family Therapy

Individual well-being

Individual therapy to support you in managing both professional and personal relationships that are negatively impacting you 

Tarryn Klotnick Therapy Individual Well-being

Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Tarryn Klotnick Therapy Gree

"Vulnerability is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection."

- Brené Brown -

"Connection is why we're here; it is what gives us purpose and meaning to our lives."

- Brené Brown -

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