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Therapy Services

What issues can I support you with as a couples & family therapist?
  • Communication difficulties and problem solving 

  • Repeating the same argument pattern and negative exchanges 

  • Physical or emotional disconnection 

  • Changing your relationship terms (e.g. monogamous/open relationships)

  • Considering separation or divorce

  • Infidelity 

  • Having children 

  • Sexual problems 

  • Anxiety, depression or low mood

  • Impact of loss of employment

  • Bereavement

When you're experiencing difficulties as a couple, it might be that you're simply seeking new ways to navigate old conflicts. The aim of couples therapy is to help you find healthy ways to communicate together. I like to think of it as finding a way to argue well together, and then working out how to repair things afterwards. 


When relationships become stuck – whether that's you and your partner, you and your sibling, a parent or colleague – having these tricky conversations together with a trained therapist can support you in conducting this dialogue constructively and help in sharing your vulnerability. 

Couples Therapy

Tarryn Klotnick Couples Therapy

As a systemic therapist, I can work with you individually to help you understand any emotional difficulties connected to your relationships. I offer a safe space for you to talk openly about any issues or dilemmas you may have – personal or professional.


Problems in your work life, for example, may be spilling over and affecting your other relationships. Individual therapy offers you the opportunity to develop your potential, strengthen your self-worth, and regain balance of mind whilst navigating all kinds of relationship turbulence. Ultimately, to equip you with skills to steer yourself towards the life you wish to lead.

Individual Well-Being

Tarryn Klotnick Therapy Individual well-being

Book a free 15-minute consultation

An initial no-commitment 15-minute consultation offers you an opportunity to introduce your dilemmas and explore whether systemic therapy can help you address them. It also allows you and I to determine if we would be a good fit to work together. 

When any one person in your family is experiencing difficulty or distress, it usually has an impact on everyone else in the family unit, even if it affects each person differently.


Stressors can be acute, temporary, or they can be cumulative, seeping into various aspects of your family life to cause pain, confusion, worry and uncertainty for everyone. Patterns inevitably emerge between different family members and sometimes these are unhealthy.

Family therapy is not about deciding who is right or wrong in any given situation. Instead, it explores the various inter-family relationships and focuses on how each affects the other, and the family as a whole.

Family Therapy

Tarryn Klotnick Family Therapy
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