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Describing Your Family

We would like you to tell us about how you see your family at the moment. So we are asking for YOUR view of your family.

When people say 'your family' they often mean the people who live in your house. But we want you to choose who you want to count as the family you are going to describe.

For each item, make your choice by selecting an option of just one of the boxed numbered 1 to 5. If a statement was "We are always fighting each other" and you felt this was not especially true of your family, you would put a tick in box 4 for "Describes us: not well".

Do not think for too long about any question, but do try to tick one of the boxes for each question.

1. In my family we talk to each other about things which matter to us
1. Describes us: Very well
2. Describes us: Well
3. Describes us: Partly
4. Describes us: Not well
5. Describes us: Not at all
2. People often don't tell each other the truth in my family
3. Each of us gets listened to in our family
4. It feels risky to disagree in our family
5. We find it hard to deal with everyday problems
6. We trust each other
7. It feels miserable in our family
8. When people in my family get angry they ignore each other on purpose
9. We seem to go from one crisis to another in my family
10. When one of us is upset they get looked after within the family
11. Things always seem to go wrong for my family
12. People in the family are nasty to each other
13. People in my family interfere too much in each other's lives
14. In my family we blame each other when things go wrong
15. We are good at finding new ways to deal with things that are difficult
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